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  1. Tres Generaciones

    Añejo 75cl

    US$43.00 MX$769.98
  2. Gran Centenario


    2 Sizes
    From US$26.00
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  5. Gran Centenario

    Plata 99cl

    US$29.50 MX$528.24
  6. 15%

    Cobre Spiced 70cl

    Was US$68.00 Was MX$1,217.64 US$57.80 MX$1,035.00
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    Flor De Sevilla Gin 1l

    Was US$38.00 Was MX$680.45 US$32.30 MX$578.38
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In the duty free Ixtapa catalogue you will find an excellent selection of liquors and spirits tax free such as vodka, gin and rum, which you can conveniently purchase the day you travel to Ixtapa in duty free store located inside the airport.

Those travelers that wish to purchase tax free vodka in Ixtapa are in luck, duty free already offers the best brands of vodka on the market at reduced prices, thanks to the tax exemption on alcoholic beverages. You can also find other brands of vodka in our stores such as Smirnoff, Absolut and Cîroc.

For gin lovers, our catalogue offers a large selection of the best-known bottles of British gin such as Beefeter and Gordon´s. Finally, if you wish to buy tax free rum in the airport, we offer products such as Bacardi, Cacique, Havana Club and Brugal, among other superior quality brands of rum.

Place your order liquor and spirit orders now and collect them the day you travel in the Ixtapa. Save time and money when you purchase your vodka, gin or rum, thanks to the duty free stores in the airport!